Community of practice

The Environmental Experts Community of Practice is a platform for experts to learn, share and keep in touch with the JEU and other environmental experts from around the world. The community serves as the interactive element of the EE Hub, allowing for two-way communication between the JEU and environmental experts who deploy on preparedness and response missions.

The Community is an informal platform for the JEU as well as experts and Regional Humanitarian Affairs Officers (RHAOs) to post relevant updates such as job opportunities, upcoming events, mission updates and stories of lessons learned. Experts are also able to comment on posts, pose questions to the JEU, RHAOs and fellow experts, and share photos from missions.

Possible platforms for the Community of Practice:

  • Regular emails sent to individuals signed up for the Environmental Experts Community of Practice
  • LinkedIn discussion page, through the Environmental Emergencies Centre LinkedIn group
  • Skype group





As part of the Community of Practice, the JEU will host 2-4 webinars each year, where experts who have returned from a mission, will have an opportunity to share their successes as well as lessons learned. The webinars will cover a range of topics on environmental emergencies, as well as discussions around the EE Community of Practice itself, depending on the needs, requests and interest of experts.

The JEU’s first webinar for Environmental Experts took place on 12 December 2017. During the webinar, we officially launched the EE Hub and Community of Practice, and heard from environmental experts recently deployed to Dominica and Armenia. If you missed it, you can now listen to the webinar recording here!

Register for HumanitarianID – Environmental Experts List

Humanitarian ID is a contact management solution for everyone working in humanitarian crises and disasters and can be used to identify potential partners or sources of data working on the response. 10 000 individual profiles already exist on Humanitarian ID. It is time for the environmental community to follow, starting with you! Information on environmental expert deployments and coordinated environmental assessments will be shared though this network on a three-month basis.

Humanitarian ID User Guide