Administrative Arrangements

Environmental Expert

The JEU will provide environmental experts with a travel attestation and will also prepare a UN no-cost travel request for all deploying experts. This will mean that the experts are registered in the UN travel system.

The JEU will also inform the local UN liaison officer of the experts’ scheduled time of arrival. The UN liaison officer is then to organize a security briefing with UN DSS for the experts. The expert is required to register with the local UNDSS office upon arrival. As experts fall under the UN security management system when travelling on mission, they are expected to abide by the UNDSS rules (informing UNDSS of movements, staying in approved hotels, abiding by curfews, including security measures in mission plan, and more).

The UN liaison officer will support experts with airport pickups, accommodation, in-country transport, liaison with national officials and other matters. Experts are expected to have their own medical insurance should it not be provided by response partners. Experts will need their own petty cash and/or agree with the JEU / OCHA / Response Partners on how this will be organized in advance.

Environmental Field Advisor

The deployment of an Environmental Field Advisor (EFA) through the Stand-By Partnership Programme (SBPP) is triggered by an OCHA request for SBPP support, originated in the field, endorsed in New York and channelled through OCHA’s Surge Capacity Section to all of its Stand-By Partners (SBP) as per the standard SBPP procedures. The deployment of SBP is governed by relevant General Assembly resolutions on the use of Type II Gratis Personnel. SBPs are those organisations with whom OCHA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the use of Type II Gratis Personnel. Upon receipt of nominations from the SBPs and based on technical recommendations from JEU, the OCHA Head of Office selects the most suitable candidate. In collaboration with the SBP and with the receiving Country Office, SCS facilitates and expedites the deployment of the EFA. Among other things, SCS collects important information, including passport, security certificates, medical certificate and SBPP assignment undertaking. SCS also collects required information for the creation of a profile for the EFA into UMOJA. SCS also provides guidance on how to request a security clearance prior to deploying to the field and liaises with the County Office for initial arrangements such as airport pick-up and accommodation. When and as needed, SCS also supports with facilitating the granting of the visa and requests issuance of a UN Certificate. For more information on the SBPP, please see the OCHA Users’ Guide on the SBPP.

Upon arrival in country, the EFA is required to register with the local UNDSS office.