Mission Timeline

Typical Timeline – Environmental Emergency Expert Deployment

Day 1 Arrival in country, meeting with Requesting Party, adjustment of Terms of Reference of mission, Plan of Action, FEAT impact assessment initiated
Day 2 Meetings with additional partners and identification of suitable local expertise to join mission, start of assessments and verification of FEAT impact assessments. Identification of priority environmental issues
Days 3-7 Assessments, drafting of interim report with key findings and recommendations. Note particularly the possible need for additional expertise
Day 8 Meeting with Requesting Party to discuss initial findings and agree on next steps
Days 9-10 Additional assessments, development of final report
Days 13-14 Work with national actors to put in place mechanisms for follow-up of recommendations
Day 15 Final workshop / meeting with Requesting Party, clarification of follow-up and expectations of expert upon return home


Typical Timeline – Environmental Field Advisor Deployment

Week 1 Meeting with Head, OCHA Country Office, and other key actors. Nomination of OCHA focal point. Formulation of work plan.
Week 2 Meetings with national actors and identification of priority issues. Identification of national / local focal point
Weeks 3 – 4 Assessments and development of practical guidance. Possibly: organization of workshop for local actors, stakeholders and donors. Support to coordination of environmental issues in response. Also, a survey should be completed and a preliminary workshop may be provided for further training.
Weeks 5 – 6 Ongoing technical support. Week 6: mid-term feedback session with JEU and UN Environment Regional Humanitarian Affairs Officer.
Weeks 7 – 9 Start working on mission report. Initiate handover to local focal point.
Weeks 10 – 11   Workshop with relevant actors, agreement on next steps and actors to be involved. Completion of survey now that mission is ending.
Week 12 Final debriefs and/or trainings with key actors.