Wetlands International – Water Shocks: Wetlands and Human Migration in the Sahel

A Wetlands International report on the situation of wetlands and human migration in the Sahel. Read More

OECD research paper – Ageing of Hazardous Installations

A OECD Working Group on Chemical Accidents (WGCA) report on the risks and challenges related to the ageing of hazardous installations. Read More

Environment and Disaster Management – Investigation of Environmental Issues in Cash Transfer Programming

Project led by LSE Students which investigates the environmental issues associated with cash transfer programming. Read More

OECD Synthesis Report: Facilities Handling Hazardous Substances with Ownership Change

The report summarizing the OECD session on "Facilities Handling Hazardous Substances with Ownership Change". Read More

PAX – Scorched Earth and Charred Lives

A report by PAX for Peace regarding Syria’s oil industry, the rise of makeshift oil refining and the issues arising from these practices. Read More

Technology and Information Sharing in Disaster Relief through the Virtual OSOCC

A research paper exploring how technological advances can improve inter-organizational information sharing during disaster relief coordination. Read More

UNDAC – Environmental Expert Support Mission – Peru 2017

Mission Report from UNDAC Environmental Expert Support Mission following a flooding emergency in Peru in 2017. Read More

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