UNDAC Environmental Assessment Mission – Pakistan Floods

A rapid environmental assessment mission report conducted by UNDAC following the Pakistan Floods in 2010. Read More

United Nations Disaster Assessment Coordination (UNDAC) Mission Report – Haiti Earthquake

A summary mission report of the UNDAC mission following the earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Read More

Hazard Identification Tool – Samoa Tsunami

This document describes the environmental damages identified through a rapid environmental assessment following a tsunami in Samoa. Read More

Hazard Identification User Guide tool (HIT)

User guide of the Hazard Identification Tool (HIT), a tool for desk research based identification of potential acute life-threatening environmental hazards. Read More

UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit Mission Report – Geohazards Risk Assessment

A geohazards risk assessment report on landslides in Honduras conducted by the UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit in cooperation with the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. Read More

United Nations Disaster Assessment Coordination (UNDAC) Field Handbook 7th version 2018

An easily accessible reference guide for members of an UNDAC team to use before and during a mission to a disaster or emergency. Read More

Gold Ridge Tailings Storage Facility Assessment – Solomon Islands 2014

A mission report covering the technical scoping mission jointly conducted through the UNDAC system and the JEU, regarding a dam stability assessment in the Solomon Islands. Read More

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