Reducing environmental impact in humanitarian response – Sphere Thematic Sheet

Sphere recently published a new resource that offers hands-on guidance to practitioners looking to consider environmental issues in their humanitarian programmes. It is the first in a series of thematic sheets that will discuss some of the core issues in humanitarian response and the 2018 Sphere Handbook’s relevance to… Read More

Biodiversity and protected areas during wildland fires

Tools provided by the Global Fire Monitoring Center which aim to build the capacity of actors to conserve biodiversity and protected areas during wildfires. Read More

Participatory (community-based) Fire Management

Guidelines and a portal by the Global Fire Monitoring Center which aims to integrate community-level action into wildfire preparedness, prevention & response. Read More

National Round Tables on Fire Management

Planning instrument for fire management at national level offered by the Global Fire Monitoring Center and the Regional Wildland Fire Networks. Read More

Establishment and services of Regional Fire Management Resource Centers

Regional centers run by the Global Fire Monitoring Center, which provides capacity building services and advisory support to hosting countries. Read More

Gold Ridge Tailings Storage Facility Assessment – Solomon Islands 2014

A mission report covering the technical scoping mission jointly conducted through the UNDAC system and the JEU, regarding a dam stability assessment in the Solomon Islands. Read More

Global Wildland Fire Early Warning System

GFMC Tool 4 The Global Fire Monitoring Center provides an Early Warning System to identify critical time periods of extreme fire danger. This warning system enables communities to prevent and mitigate the dangers of wildland fires before they occur. Learn more about the Early Warning System here. Read More

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