International and Regional Advisory Services For Fire Management

International and regional advisory services provided by the Global Fire Monitoring Centre and the Global Wildland Fire Network, which offer thematic support for international bodies to devise, design and implement fire management programmes.  Read More

Regional Wildland Fire Networks (Global Wildland Fire Network)

16 regional networks which allow actors to share knowledge, expertise and resources regarding wildfire management. Read More

Global Wildland Fire Information System

An online repository on fire management information run by the Global Fire Monitoring Centre. It provides policy advising & formulation services and offers information for high-level political activities. Read More

Environmental action in response to the Peru Earthquake: an example of best practices

This document details the rapid environmental assessment (REA) and lessons learned from the international response to an earthquake in Peru in 2007. Read More

UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit Mission Report – 2017 Sierra Leone Floods and Landslides

This report by a UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit expert identifies and assesses secondary environment hazards and impacts during serious floods in Sierra Leone in 2017. Read More

UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit Mission Report – 2013 Comoros Floods

Mission report detailing the response to the flooding emergency in Comoros following torrential rains. Read More

UNDAC Environmental Assessment Mission – Pakistan Floods

A rapid environmental assessment mission report conducted by UNDAC following the Pakistan Floods in 2010. Read More

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