UNEP/OCHA Joint Environment Unit (JEU)

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) /Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Joint Environment Unit (JEU), also known as the UNEP/OCHA Joint Environment Unit, is housed within OCHA’s Emergency Services Branch in Geneva. Founded in 1994, it helps Member States prepare for and respond to environmental dimensions of emergencies.

The UNEP/OCHA Joint Environment Unit (JEU) responds as one UN to the environmental dimensions of emergencies. The Unit pairs UNEP’s technical expertise with the OCHA-coordinated humanitarian network. By coordinating international efforts and mobilizing partners, the JEU assists countries affected by disasters and crisis and works to enhance the environmental sustainability of humanitarian action. The JEU provides independent, impartial advice and practical solutions, while working with organizations dedicated to medium and long term rehabilitation to ensure a seamless transition from emergency response to recovery. The team manages the EHA Connect digital tool, as well as the Environmental Emergencies Centre, which you are currently browsing.


Environmental Emergencies

Since its establishment, the Unit has assisted almost 100 countries around the world, mobilizing over 200 missions.

Whether in response to natural hazards, technological accidents or a combination of both, the JEU can mobilize technical expertise at short notice (48 hours) for deployment to affected countries and can also provide remote support.

Sustainability of Humanitarian Action

JEU coordinates with partners to adapt to climate change in humanitarian settings, increase collaboration between environmental and humanitarian actors and mitigate environmental risks in humanitarian projects and programmes.

Services & resources provided

The UNEP/OCHA Joint Environment Unit offers many services, notably:

The UNEP/OCHA Joint Environment Unit also provides many free online resources, namely:

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These factsheets summarize the work undertaken by the UNEP/OCHA Joint Environment Unit in it’s role of responding to environmental dimensions of emergencies and integrating environmental considerations into humanitarian action.

UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit Timeline

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