Environmental Emergencies Preparedness and FEAT Training – Tbilisi, Georgia

In late November 2015, the UNEP/OCHA Joint Unit delivered a three-day training on Environmental Emergencies Preparedness and the Flash Environmental Assessment Tool (FEAT) in Tbilisi, Georgia on 24-26 November 2015.

The training saw participation of 30 representatives of the Emergency Management Agency, Ministries of Environment and Natural Resources Protection and Economics and Sustainable Development, National Centre for Disease Control and Public Health, Georgian Red Cross as well as management of a fertilizer plant in the city of Rustavi, Kvemo Kartli region. Through interactive exercises and desktop simulations, participants familiarized themselves with existing tools for environmental emergencies preparedness and response as well as learned how to apply the Flash Environmental Assessment Tool methodology. A field visit to the industrial facility allowed participants to see the existing safety measures in place at the plant that uses and produces hazardous substances. Follow-up steps for Georgia’s preparedness for environmental emergencies have been identified and this work will be carried out under the leadership of the Emergency Management Agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.

Learn more about the FEAT tool here.

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