Strategic Advisory Group on Environmental Emergencies (SAGEE) Past Reports

These reports detail the previous meetings of the Strategic Advisory Group on Environmental Emergencies (SAGEE) since 1995. Read More

UN Food and Agriculture Organization – Energy Needs in Humanitarian Settings

The work of the UN's Food and Agriculture organization in partnership with SAFE to provide clean energy in refugee settings. Read More

Cash Transfer Programming – Implications and Opportunities

Report by the UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit which explores how the expansion of cash-based humanitarian responses introduces new opportunities and issues in the interaction between humanitarianism and environment. Read More

Environment and Humanitarian Action: Increasing Effectiveness, Sustainability and Accountability

A study about the integration of environmental considerations in humanitarian action and recommended action to improve its effectiveness, accountability, and sustainability. Read More

ICRAF (World Agroforestry) – Agroforestry with refugees in Uganda

This project aims to develop agroforestry models for tree products to meet the growing energy, construction and food needs of Ugandan refugees and locals. Read More

ScienceDirect – Role of Women in Disaster Risk Governance

This study explores the role women play in disaster risk governance and identifies a variety of social, cultural and legal factors which may limit these roles. Read More

The Nexus Environmental Assessment Tool (NEAT+)

A rapid environmental screening tool for humanitarian contexts, which allows humanitarian actors to quickly identify issues of environmental concern before designing longer term emergency or recovery interventions. Read More

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