Case Study

PAX – Amidst the debris; A study on the environmental and public health impact of Syria’s conflict

The Amidst the Debris case study by PAX for Peace researches the environmental impacts of the conflict in Syria. It directs focus to the ramifications of the conflict and its disastrous impact on the environment and public health.

Four years of fighting and heavy use of weapons has left cities in rubble and caused widespread damage to industrial facilities and critical infrastructure. Pollution from these forms of damage results in acute and chronic risks to civilians and can cause long-term impact on the environment that they depend on. The desktop study links known civilian exposure-scenarios to familiar cases of possible or probable environmental pollution from the war in Syria. It identifies four types of hazards – feasible scenarios in which the environmental impact of the conflict may have a direct and or long-term impact on the public health of the Syrian people.

Download the study here.

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