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The Debate: Climate Change Endangers Security; Can the Military Help Humanity Respond?

This climate change article explores the need for greater linkages and coordination between humanitarian disaster relief organisations and military organizations, as well as between human security, climate change and environmental security.

The growing threat of climate-related disasters creates new risks to human and environmental security. It constitutes both an accelerant of instability and a threat multiplier. As is well known, in many countries, responses to floods, cyclones, droughts, and other climate-related disasters are impeded by limited capacity, insufficient planning and preparation, and lack of coordination between government actors. As a consequence of the linkages between humanitarian disaster relief, military organizations, human security, and environmental security, climate change generates an ever-greater impetus for engagement between military and civilian authorities. Involvement of both is necessary when disasters overwhelm the capacity of civil authorities, as is increasingly likely because of the deadly buildup of atmospheric greenhouse gases.

Consult the article here.

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