Mission Report

UNDAC – Mission Report of Earthquake Emergency, Turkey

This mission report details the humanitarian response by the United Nations Disaster Assessment Coordination (UNDAC) team following an earthquake in Turkey.

A major earthquake hit North-Western Turkey at 03.02 a.m. on 17 August 1999. Epicentre was located in the province of Izmit, some 125 km south of Istanbul, on the Sea of Marmara. The earthquake was one of the most powerful in Turkey in the last 20 years. The event and its aftershocks had devastating effects on the provinces of Izmit, Yalova, Sakarya, Istanbul, and others. The earthquake was felt in provinces as far away as Ankara, depicting a belt starting from the Marmara Region in the northeast of the country all the way into Central Anatolia. The area is the most densely populated of the country, and holds many industrial sites. As of 29 August 1999, the number of dead reached almost 14,000 and the number of injured – more than 27,000.

Damage to buildings and infrastructure has been extensive. In some locations more than 70% of buildings were destroyed. Some industrial enterprises were reported to be damaged. This document provides the detailed information on the UNDAC response mission following the earthquake including the environmental impacts of the disaster and key conclusions.

Consult the mission report here.

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