Mission Report

UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit Mission Report – 2005 Peru Forest Fires

This mission report describes the recommendations from an expert deployed by the Global Fire Monitoring Center, facilitated by the UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit, who undertook a fire assessment following forest fires in Peru.

In July and August 2005, forest fires burned 30,000 hectares of land in the Junin Department of Peru and affected an estimated 600 people. In response the JEU facilitated, in cooperation with the Global Fire Monitoring Centre (GFMC), the deployment of an expert to undertake a fire assessment and provide recommendations for abatement. The fire expert identified considerable damage to the local environment. While there was no need for further international environmental assistance, recommendations were made to increase the national response preparedness activities. The experiences from Peru were then used as an input into the ‘Strategy for Cooperation in Fire Management in South America’. This strategy, developed jointly by GFMC and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), addresses the prevention, preparedness and suppression of wildfires in the region through bilateral and regional agreements.

Consult the report here.

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