Mission Report

UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit Mission Report – 2008 Myanmar Cyclone Nargis

This mission report by the UN Environment/OCHA Joint Unit (JEU) compiles a Hazard Identification Tool (HIT) to identify the potential environmental risks in Myanmar following Cyclone Nargis.

Category 3 Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar in May 2008. Major damage was reported in the affected areas. Overall, about 2.4 million people were affected and an estimated 140,000 were killed. The JEU compiled a Hazard Identification Tool (HIT) to identify potential environmental risks in the affected areas. Integrating environment in the first phase of the humanitarian response, the JEU ensured the deployment of an environmental expert from the Swedish Rescue Services Agency. Information available from the most-affected areas did not indicate any potential acute environmental risks to human health or to the environment from industrial activities or waste facilities.

The environmental expert consulted with numerous UN agencies and non-governmental organizations and ensured the integration of environmental concerns in any recovery framework that were developed.

Consult the report here.

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